Selecting a Water Treatment Product

Selecting the right water equipment for your unique situation can be challenging. There is a lot of information about water and water treatment solutions out there and often it is confusing or even conflicting. All too often the information found by consumers is misleading or it is misinterpreted. Unfortunately, it is, at times, whether intentionally or not, just plain wrong.

For more than 80 years Culligan of Mid Missouri has been here to provide the most accurate, up to date information and treatment technology to our customers. The reason we are the water experts is because we know every situation is different. What works in one neighborhood may not be the best solution for another. Even the house across the street can face different water issues and challenges than you. To create an efficient and cost effective solution to any problem you must first understand the cause of the problem and the expected outcome. Before we recommend a solution for a problem, we get the facts.

We start with a No Cost No Obligation Water Analysis, but that is just the beginning. We then develop a water usage profile for your family, including your current needs and your needs for the foreseeable future. For example, a young family just starting out will have different needs and expectations than a family whose children will be going away to college soon. We also look at special needs and concerns.  Our customers that keep salt water aquariums or grow prize winning roses have special needs that should be considered – before any equipment is selected. In addition some customers are more sensitive to chlorine or other chemicals common in water. By choosing the right equipment we can address those concerns. We get all the information first because we know from decades of real experience that this is the time to address each individual’s different needs and expectations. We do this during the planning stage – not after equipment has been installed.  As the old adage goes – “Proper planning prevents poor performance”.

Sure the kid at the box store can sell you a softener that may reduce your water hardness for a few months or even a couple of years, but does he know that the chemicals used in the municipal treatment process ruin the ion exchange resin found in most consumer softeners? Or, will he be able to tell you the ratio of iron to calcium and magnesium that a standard softener installation can safely handle? Most likely, the answer is no.

By contacting the trusted water professionals at Culligan you can be sure that we will first identify the problem and then we will offer effective solutions that fit your unique expectations and budget. Contact us today and we will help you select the right water treatment equipment for your needs – the first time.