Benefits of Drinking Water Systems

Drinking water is a vital part of everyday life.  Water that is free of contaminants and unhealthy chemicals is not only better for you – it tastes better.  When water tastes better you and your family will enjoy it more and all of you will be more likely to drink the quantities required for good health.  That’s where a Culligan Drinking Water System will make the difference.  The advanced reverse osmosis technology Culligan has pioneered for home use removes as much as 97% of most impurities found in our municipal water supply. A Culligan drinking water system will significantly reduce impurities and chemicals in your water.*

  • Removes sediment and suspended particles such as dirt, rust and algae that cause cloudy water (turbidity).
  • Reduces chlorine and chloramines (used in the municipal treatment process) that cause that “swimming pool” odor.
  • Reduces organic impurities like hydrogen sulfide, humic acid and other organic compounds that cause the musty, fishy, or “rotten egg” smell.
  • Reduces harmful chemicals including lead, arsenic, radon, nitrates and more

The healthier, better tasting water a Culligan Drinking Water System produces will encourage proper hydration and make a difference in the way you think about water.  With a permanent solution to your drinking water needs you will also find you

  • Save money compared to single serve bottled water
  • Do your part to reduce the explosion of plastic introduced into our environment
  • Make better tasting and healthier coffee,  tea,  juice, and soups
  • Have healthier, happier pets and house plants (they love purified water)

A professionally installed drinking water system provides a clean healthy source of fresh water for your whole family.  It can also be connected to your refrigerator to make it a Culligan water and ice “station”.  You will be amazed at how easy and affordable it is to have great water produced right in your home.  It starts with a hassle-free, No Obligation Water Analysis so contact us today so you can enjoy the benefits of better water – water you can feel good about.

*impurities may not be in your water