Culligan bottled water and the iconic office water cooler are still a viable option for many homes and businesses. By providing premium drinking water virtually anywhere, delivered bottle water is a sensible alternative to single-serve bottles. Cost effective and environmentally friendly five-gallon water bottles work with a variety of dispensers. They fit electric coolers and ceramic crocks for the home and office, job jugs and ice chests for construction sites and picnics – even convenient hand pumps are available for road-trips and camping. Culligan bottled water can meet your drinking water needs when alternatives are not practical or environmentally sound. – Culligan bottled water offers many key benefits, including:

  • Clean, fresh, premium Culligan drinking water at a fraction of the cost of single serve bottles.
  • Culligan drinking water is better for your health than untreated tap water or other bottled water that has been stripped of all beneficial nutrients.
  • You get fresh Culligan drinking water delivered right to your home, office or job site and we pick up the reusable empties – no more lugging water from the grocery store.
  • We sanitize and reuse PET – BPA free bottles in accordance with FDA regulations, unlike the unsanitary fill it yourself machines at the big box stores.
  • After the bottles useful life we recycle them – eliminating countless plastic bottles from the waste stream every year.
  • Culligan coolers require no plumbing connection or drain – plug it in anywhere you have a square foot of floor space and you have delicious drinking water at the push of a tab.

We produce Culligan bottled water locally at our plant in Columbia Missouri. Water first goes through our advanced 6 stage purification process, including nanofiltration and ozonation. Then, during the finishing process, trace amounts of food grade minerals are added to the purified water to provide the healthy electrolytes your body needs and the clean, crisp flavor that is synonymous with Culligan Water. Our production facility passes rigorous and often unannounced FDA and IBWA inspections. We test samples of our water in compliance with GMP Best Practices during each production run and our test results are verified by a certified independent lab. All of this is to insure that you are getting the very best drinking water every time – Culligan Drinking Water.