Go Bottle-Free

Culligan bottled water delivery and the iconic water cooler has been the cost saving, go to solution for providing clean, fresh, drinking water in offices and production facilities for decades. In many situations it is still the most economical and environmentally friendly solution to buying wasteful single-serve bottles of drinking water. However, with new advances in reverse osmosis technology it is now possible to produce premium quality water right inside the cooler. If you are looking for a stand alone solution that provides multi-temperature water instantly, a bottle free cooler may be the right choice for your home or business.

Culligan Bottle Free coolers offer:

  • Endless supply of premium Culligan drinking water, produced right in the cooler
  • Room temperature, chilled, and hot water for instant coffee, tea & soup – at the touch of a button
  • Eliminate handling and storage of large, heavy bottles
  • One monthly bill without the seasonal fluctuations of delivered water

Culligan bottle free coolers are EPA EnergyStar rated and utilize advanced water treatment technology including UV light eradication and bacteria reducing silver impregnated plastics to ensure a safe, cost effective solution to the water needs of offices, both large and small. Whole and partial facility installation is also available to provide convenient clean water stations in large manufacturing facilities, production areas, office complexes and healthcare facilities.

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