Softener Salt Delivery

We will deliver premium grade Culligan solar salt or sodium free potassium right to your home or business and into the salt storage tank of your water softener. You do not have to own or rent a Culligan system in order to take advantage of our salt delivery service. We have many customers who own other brands. We will work out a delivery schedule based on the water usage of your family. You will experience soft water every day of the year. Here are a few of the reasons our customers say they love our salt service:

  • Convenient: No more lugging and lifting heavy bags
  • Dependable: Scheduled, regular deliveries
  • Trusted: No one knows your Culligan equipment like we do
  • Confidence: We will check the water for softness when we are there

Salt comes in 40lb bags and a 4-bag minimum is required for delivery.

Contact us today to set up a delivery schedule for you or give us a call at (573) 874-6147 or (800) 648-7638 and start enjoying the convenience and personal service. Culligan delivers to thousands of homes and business in the area.