Private Label Bottled Water

Private Label Water for Your Business

  • Are you looking for a new giveaway for your business that is unique and memorable?
  • Do you want to add a special something to an upcoming event or fundraiser?

Most places have water available for their customers or guests.  Why not give them a bottle of water that will make them remember you?

Culligan of Mid Missouri offers our premium bottled water labeled just for you. Customized bottled water goes far beyond a simple business card in creating a lasting impression and says you are concerned for the recipients health and well being. Our great tasting premium water is not just refreshing, it is good for the mind and body.

Now available in 12oz, 16.9oz and 20oz bottles, we will help you design a one of a kind label using your business logo, or custom graphics.  Now you can promote your business, fundraiser or special event in a way people will appreciate.  Everybody loves getting a bottle of water – they will really love getting “your” bottle of water.

Contact our sales team today to discuss how Culligan Private Label Bottled Water will make an impression on your customers, guests or patrons. It is the affordable, unique and memorable way to say “thank you” and “you matter to us.”